Mac mini with Dual Displays

Getting a dual monitor setup with a Mac Mini has been difficult, if not impossible. The good news is that someone has figured how to do it and they've posted an article on it.

Multi-Touch Screens

Apple has developed and patented a multi-touch screen. Here's a video of the screen in action.

Cost to Benefit Comparison of Apple and Dell Computers

MacBook ProMost people think Apple computers are more expensive than comparable PC computers. Read this comparison of cost to benefits between a PC and a Mac and you'll find that it's not always the case!

iTunes with Xbox 360

Ever wanted to connect your iTunes with your Xbox 360? Now you can with Connect360.

Battery Monitor on Steroids

I came accross this great little application that is a battery monitor on steroids. coconutBattery not only tells you how much battery life you have left, but a host of other great information

Wine is Now Available for Intel iMacs


, which allows Windows programs to run on *nix systems, now includes Mac OS X.

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