Rumor has it that iTunes Will Remove the 100 Phone Song Cap

Rumor has it that Apple's iTunes will offer an upgraded option ro remove the 100 song cap for your phone.

First Mac OS X Virus

Looks like Mac OS X users are also vulnerable to viruses. To quote the source:

"The resultant file decompresses into what appears to be a standard JPEG icon in Mac OS X but is actually a compiled Unix executable in disguise."

The virus is said to also spread via Bon Jour instant messaging.

Police Warn iPod Use Dangerous for Cyclist

The police are warning cyclists that they shouldn't listen to an iPod while riding because it can be very dangerous. With the iPod on, or for that matter any other listening device, often cyclists can't hear the noise coming from the local traffic to make prudent decisions.

First Mac OS X Virus Update

There's an interesting thread going on at Ambrosia Software about this latest Mac OS X virus. If you want to keep up to date with the latest information, I suggest you take a look.

Mac Operating System OS X 10.4.4 Hacked To Run on Standard PC

Apple's latest Mac OS X 10.4.4 release has just been hacked to run on standard X86 PCs.

Free CPU Upgrade for MacBook Pros this Valentines

Apple announced on Tuesday that all of its MacBook Pro customers will receive a free CPU upgrade. Talk about a sweet little Valentine's Day present!

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