Apple plugs 20 OS X holes

Apple just released a security update for Mac OS X that fixes 20 vulnerabilities. This includes web browser and Mail flaw.

Need to Buy an iMac NOW?

At least for people in Manhattan, they'll be able to buy an iMac any day at any time. Manhattan will have the first Apple store open 24/7.

iTunes 1 Billion Th Song Purchaser Wins Prize

Alex Ostrovsky is the person who purchased the 1 billion th song on iTunes. To quote the New York Times:

"So at 12:45 a.m., Mr. Ostrovsky's phone rang. It was an Apple employee, telling him that in addition to the song, Apple was giving him a 20-inch iMac, 10 iPods and a $10,000 gift card for the iTunes store. It is even establishing a scholarship at the Juilliard School in his name."

Wozniak Denies iPod Spin-Off

The newspaper The Globe and Mail recently reported that Wozniak

"asserted that Apple ought to spin off its iPod division".

Wozniak has since responded on saying that he denies ever saying that.

Top 10 Strangest iPod Accessories

Here's a really funny list of the top 10 strangest actual iPod accessories you can buy.

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