Run PacMac on an iPod

Ever want to run those old arcade games like Pac Mac on your iPod? Now you can with the help of iPodMame.

Apple could grab 9% marketshare

Macworld had an interesting article suggesting that Apple could grab a 9% marketshare. To quote the article:

"To measure the possible impact of the Mac's impending versatility, we conducted an online survey of 255 college students. Two important statistics emerged when the Mac could run Windows apps. First, the mean likelihood of purchasing a Mac rose dramatically - from 24.7 per cent to 44 per cent. Second, the percentage of Windows users who would definitely buy a Mac rose from 1.8 per cent to 13.5 per cent"

Apple is in the Storage Business?

When you think of Apple you think of iMac, iPod, PowerBook, Mac OS X, etc., not storage! But Apple is 10th in the storage market with sales of $185 million. To quote the article:

According to his estimates, nearly 40% o XServe RAIDs are connected to non-Mac OS servers.

How to Install Linux on Your iPod

Here's a really interesting article on how to install Linux on your iPod. Not only that, but once you get it up and running it should be theoritically possible to play Doom!

You can download the iPod-Linux Installer from soruce forge!

iPod Value Versus Price Over Time

Looks like the iPod is cheaper by 33% per Gig of space each generation. Here are the details and some neat graphs on the prices of iPods over time.

Connecting a MacBook Pro to an HDTV

Here's a good article on how to connect your MacBook Pro to an HDTV.

It turns out that connecting the newer Macs to an HDTV is very easy. As Ben explains, it just works!

Older Macs may need some tweaking.

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