Things to do to your Mac Mini

Talk about all the things you can do to enhance your Mac Mini. I especially liked the example of hooking it up to a 50" HDTV for a monitor

Win XP on a Mac

Although there is some controversy on whether or not its true, it looks like a highly credible hacker has managed to get Win XP to run on a Mac.

ITunes is Now Offering the First Full Length Movie

Apple iTunes has now released its first full length movie that you can download for $1.99.

Optimize the FireFox Web Browser for Your Particular CPU

Did you know the popular web browser FireFox offers multiple builds, one for each CPU. Each build is specifically optimized for that CPU, so why not get that extra little bit of performance for free...

Mame Cabinet to play Pac Mac on the iPod

One of yesterday's entry described how to use iPodMame to play old arcade games like Pac Man on your iPod. Today I was sent a link of someone who built a mini arcade cabinet to host his Pac Mac game. Check out the pictures!

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