10 Things Apple did to make OS X Faster

For those of you who like technical details, here's an interesting article on 10 things Apple did to make the Mac OS X run faster. Fairly detailed but very interesting.

30 Inch Apple Monitor Versus 30 Inch Dell Monitor

Here's an excellent comparison of the Apple 30 inch monitor to the Dell 30 inch monitor. According to the article, the Apple monitor wins by a slight margin.

Rumours Are That the New Mac OS Will be able to run Windows

Rumour has it that the new Mac OS will be able to run Windows within the Mac OS. If it does, this could prove to be very interesting...

iTunes Increases the Price of the First Full Length Movie by 5 Times

iTunes recently launched it's first full length movie for download for $1.99. They've since increased the price to $9.99. The increase in price has caused quite an uproar when you consider it's almost the same price as a DVD movie without nearly the same quality (resolution) or any of the bonus features.

Video of a Mac Running Win XP

Yesterday I mentionned that someone was able to run Win XP on a Mac, well today a video was uploaded online to help alleviate the controversy of whether or not it's true.

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