Still More Debate Over Intel iMac Speeds

The saga continues. It looks like some folks at MacWorld have run their own tests to show that the Intel iMac does indeed live up to the hype of its speed.

More Debate Over Intel iMac Speeds

It seems as though the Intel iMac's speeds are a hotly contested item these days. Here's another article stating that the new Intel iMac's speeds, although much faster, aren't really as fast as Apple claims.

Does Your Mac Operating System Really Need An Update?

UPDATE: I just came accross a thread on today about the previous article I posted "Mac users 'too smug' over security". Looks like it's causing quite a stir...

New Audio Chip Could Extend iPod Listening Time by 70%

Wolfson Microelectronics

, the company that supplies the iPod audio chips has just come out with a new chip (WM8985) that is suppose to extend the iPod's battery life by as much as 70%.

G5 vs. Intel iMac boot up time

Intel iMacHere's an interesting article comparing the G5 and Intel iMac boot up times. Apple recently released a video showing a G5 versus an iMac and the speed difference was 1:38 minutes compared to 37.9 seconds. The author of that blog decided to run a similar test on his own G5 and he found the differences to be negliable. His G5 booted up in 40.8 seconds, very different from Apple's video.

Mac users 'too smug' over security

An argument that's starting to become more and more apparent is that Mac user's believe their computers are immune to spyware and viruses. The truth is they are susceptible. The question is how much?

Most Mac users believe that the risks are very low, but the reality is that there are very few Mac spyware and viruses because there are less Mac's out there.

"They can't spread as easily, and most would only be installed by a careless user clicking "Accept" on a dodgy install dialog, but the regular stream of security fixes from Apple's software update service makes it clear that there are real dangers."

As quoted from a BBC News article.

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