Must Have Software List

Here's a website that's apparently gotten so much traffic recently because of it's list of must-have Mac software that it had to be quickly modified just to stay up.

List of Free Quality Mac Software Everyone Should Have

Here is a website that has a great list of quality free software that most Mac users should have and use. Its hosted by

Software to Quickly View a LOT of Images

To quote:

"With the GL Image Browser, you can open a folder on your computer and look for all the pictures that are inside, even in subdirectories if you want. It is no iPhoto or Picasa clone, GL Image Browser is not meant as a tool to archive pictures, but as a tool to quickly browse through thousands of pictures to find a special one you are looking for."

I imagine this software is very handy when you're quickly looking at your pictures.

iTunes Now Selling TV Shows Before Network Premiere

It looks as though Nickelodeon and Comedy Central are putting shows on iTunes before they broadcast on television.

Running Windows XP on a Mac

Here's some step by step instructions on how to run Windows XP on a Mac.Although I haven't tried it yet, it looks very interesting. If it works, maybe they'll win the contest for being the first to boot Windows XP on a Mac. At the time of this writing the prize was already over $8000!

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