iTunes 1 Billion Song Countdown

iTunes has a countdown going for 1 billion songs purchased. Come see the countdown.

Why Apple Really Dumped the PowerPC

Here's an interesting article as to why Apple is looking at Intel for their new CPU. At the end of the day, the author implies that Motorola really wasn't a desktop computer chip company, rather they had different focuses.

Apple Might Buy PDA Maker Palm

There seems to be a rumor going around that Apple is looking at buying PDA maker Palm.

iMac Intel Duo Core Video Problems

It looks like some models of the new Intel iMac are experiencing some graphical issues. For more details go to this article

The Future of the iPod

This article looks at a lot of iPod features

that we’re likely to see in the future. There are some great ideas if nothing else here.

Carbon fiber case for 5G iPod introduced

C6MFG has just announced today that they will provide a carbon fiber case for Apple's 5Gb iPod.

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