How to Make an Audio Product

Are you a speaker, trainer, or writer? Would you like to leverage your talents and abilities into an audio product?

You can make extra money with your voice by making an audio product.

You can sell the product as a CD (back of room sales, from your website etc.) or as a digital download (the ultimate passive income product, handled entirely by your website).

You may be asking yourself "how do I get started?"

Here are the steps required to complete an voice-based audio product:

  1. Plan the project
  2. Write a script
  3. Record your voice
  4. Edit the recording
  5. Add music
  6. Publish the final product

Plan the Project

Decide on the subject and nature of the content. Decide how you will sell the product (for example, as a CD, a digital download, or both).

Will you make a live recording of a speech, course, teleseminar etc; or will you do a studio recording?

Write a Script


If you plan to do a studio recording, you may be better off with a script. My personal preference it to write a script and then read it in a way that does not sound read. This is not for everybody.

You may prefer to ad lib. Certainly a script does not work well for a live recording. In this case, prepare notes in point-form to guide your delivery.

Record your Voice

There are several options when it comes to recording your voice.

For a live event, you can hire a professional sound engineer and let them worry about it, or you can buy a small recording device (for example, a minidisc) and clip a microphone to your shirt.

If you do a studio recording, a professional studio will take care of all the equipment. Let them worry about it!

You can also make a home studio with a good microphone, a microphone stand and a recoding device.

For a teleconference, you can let the conference bridge record your voice, but for best quality, have your own recording device and a good microphone.

Edit the Recording

No recording is perfect. Even if you are not looking for perfection in your final product, you need to trim the recording so that it starts and ends where you want, remove noises, mis-takes, mistakes, coughing etc.

For a top-quality job, you can do some detailed editing, getting rid of all unwanted sounds, and even fixing up your voice so that it sounds just the way you want it to.

You can learn how to do the editing your self (requires a computer and software) or hire someone to do it for you.

Add Music


Adding music to the start and end of your recording, and at the start of subsections within the recording can make the whole thing sound better and more professional.

Your best bet is royalty-free music which you buy once and use in your products as much as you want to for no additional fees. You can also find free music on the web.

Publish the Final Product

Once you have your master recording, you several options.

You can burn CDs as needed, or you can have them manufactured (minimum orders are typically 500).

You can also convert the audio to MP3 format, and upload it to your website and charge for the download.


Making an audio product is not hard if you know what steps are involved, and either learn how to do each one, or hire someone to help you with the parts you don't know how to do and don't want to learn.

Once complete, you can sell your product with little effort and high profits.